Hand Bor Test / Bor Tanah / Alat Uji Tanah ( For Sampling Soil Test ) HUB 08170777190




08170777190 WA


This drilling equipment is using for drawing and prepares soil sample for further test in laboratories. This hand operated drilling is light and can be used by two operator.

Consist of :
- Drilling Rod Solid bar, 1m length, 1 1/4 inc 10pcs
- Sampling Tube 68mm , 40cm length with 3 bolt holes 10pc
- Tube Adaptor Machine steel, with 3 clamping bolts 1pc
- Iwan Type Auger Welded steel, two radial blades, 4inc 1pc
- Straight Choping Auger Steel bar, hardened tip, 45 mm width 1pc
- Turning Rod Machine steel, 1 1/4inc, 60cm length 2pc
- Rod Head Hardened, machined steel, 2 1/2inc 1pc
- Hammer 5kg weight 1pc
- Allen Key Hardened steel, 1/4inc 1pc
- Pipe Wrench 24inc Wrench 2pc
- Steel Wire Brush wooden handle 1pc
- Vertical Guide Machine Steel 1pc
- Parafin 2kg
- T-Piece Welded steel 1pc

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